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2 billions database download link google drive

400 Million+ USA Consumers Emails (425,000,000)


1.2 Million Yellow pages Business (1,000,000)


9.5M USA Businesses (9,500,000)

1.5 Million Home Owners USA

10 Million USA Consumers New database

20 Million USA business direct mailing and phone numbers

28 Million USA Consumer Emails database

15 Million+ ASIA Emails- Many Asian Countries (15,000,000)

12 Million + EUROPE Emails- Many countries (15,000,000)

1000 Million Emails List huge –

Business Opportunity Seekers 1 million

10 Million Canadian Consumers and B2B Emails (10,000,000)

40 Million China Consumers and B2B Emails (40,000,000)

Country Wise 28m Emails database

crypto btc email databse 1.4 millions

Casino email list 300 k

USA 5 Millions New business-list-2020

USA Companies 8M usa-50-states-company-email-list-8million

Worldwide 13m Email List

950 Million Emails From various countries and niches (950,000,000)

150 Million Plus emails from 163 countries worldwide (150,000,000)

250 Million Yahoo, hotmail, gmail, aol, msn emails and 50 more email
providers worldwide from many countries.

Though we have mentioned 2 Billion, We have added lot of new emails, you will get more than 2 billion emails
The Ultimate Email List for Online Marketers, Companies, Small Business Owners, Website and Blog Owners, Online Vendors and Affiliates.


Note: Extract the zip folder and in there are the packages/
There are instructions (.txt)attached to some of the tools, endeavor to read them.